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Myzone become the Games Official Fitness Providers

Myzone and UK Corporate Games join forces to boost companies’ camaraderie, culture, and cardio.

The goal? To raise mental, physical and business benefit across the employee wellness space. Leading fitness technology company, Myzone, is thrilled to announce its partnership with UK Corporate Games, a renowned organisation that fosters teamwork and employee engagement through the UK’s largest multi-sport festival for businesses. This exciting collaboration will empower corporations to prioritise employee wellbeing by leveraging Myzone’s intuitive and easy-to-understand heart rate training tech.

UK Corporate Games chose to work with Myzone as they recognise the significance of a partner that can unite teams, offices, and individuals before, during, and after the ultimate team-building event in August.

As part of the partnership, Myzone will provide all participating companies access to fully inclusive fitness technology, empowering employees to track, train, and enjoy their fitness journeys. In addition, by leveraging the features of the Myzone platform, employees can engage in friendly competition, both with themselves and their colleagues, while fostering a sense of camaraderie and accomplishment. As they lead into the games, this will result in a greater sense of team, elevated levels of motivation, and improved fitness.

The logistics of the partnership are designed to be seamless and user-friendly. Once signed up for the UK Corporate Games, the captain for participating teams will be introduced to the team at Myzone to receive comprehensive information and introductions to the fitness technology.

“Employee wellness has become somewhat of a trending phrase, and that’s because it’s an important area of focus that goes beyond just ticking a box,” explains David Stalker, CEO of Myzone EMEA. “Why wouldn’t any CEO, entrepreneur, or professional leader want their employees and teams to be as happy and productive as possible, both in and out of the office?

“This partnership with UK Corporate Games is an important and exciting step towards filling professional spaces with happy and healthy employees where every effort is rewarded.”

Doug White, Games Director:

We are delighted to be welcoming Myzone as the Official Fitness Providers for the UK Corporate Games, this partnership will benefit competing organisations and their employees and will help motivate them to be more active and focused on their health & wellbeing. The Myzone technology provides inclusive heart rate technology that rewards effort. There is a great synergy between the Corporate Games and Myzone and we look forward to a long and fruitful partnership.

The partnership between Myzone and UK Corporate Games represents a significant step toward integrating technology and team-building activities within corporate wellness programs. By combining the expertise of Myzone in fitness tracking and engagement with UK Corporate Games‘ dedication to fostering teamwork, this collaboration promises to revolutionise the way corporations approach employee wellbeing.


About Myzone: Myzone is a fully inclusive wellness solution designed to enhance employee wellness resulting in happier and more energised teams. By prioritising effort and consistency, the comprehensive solution motivates individuals to maintain regular exercise routines.

Accurately monitoring heart rate and calories burned and providing real-time feedback wherever and however employees choose to move, Myzone equates all movement to the WHO physical activity guidelines. Keep your employees connected using the free app, organise team challenges, and foster a strong community. Empower your workforce to move, anytime and anywhere. Read more…


About UK Corporate Games: The UK’s largest multi-sport festival for businesses. The Games provides an outstanding opportunity to enhance company togetherness and wellbeing through sport. It is also legendary for its off-field celebrations including parades, parties and festivals which promotes teambuilding and staff integration.

Competition is inclusive and open to all for the benefit of all. Teams may include employees, colleagues, clients, family and friends. There are no qualifying standards and age categories in several sports.

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